Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to the Alley...

So, back to the alley. My main goal for the night was to practice the Strobe on a Rope technique I recently read about on the Strobist Blog. I used my Nikon off-camera TTL chord mounted on a mono-pod, with a Stoffen diffuser on my SB-800 to capture these first few frames of Steve Gaudin.

Then Steve Z proposed some jumping, we scattered a few strobes and pocket wizards about and here is I came up with.

Air Z!

Here is a shot taken by Celin Serbo that shows me shooting and somewhat illustrates we concocted this crazy-alley-strobism. ~John

Friday, May 9, 2008

Welcome to Boulder Strobist

Welcome to the Launch of the Boulder Strobist Website. This blog is a place where we will grow our local photography community, by sharing our creative thoughts and ideas as well as our technical knowhow. By sharing and learning from each other we will push each other to raise the collective bar of our work. And the result will be that we all will profit with more creativity, and the overwhelming influx of clients, jewels, and riches that will surely follow.

Kinda makes you want to join huh? Yeah, we thought so. We invite other local photographers to join us and add to our community and this blog. Currently we have random informal get-togethers. In the future . . . who knows? For now stay tuned for more info.