Sunday, May 18, 2008

Back to the Alley...

So, back to the alley. My main goal for the night was to practice the Strobe on a Rope technique I recently read about on the Strobist Blog. I used my Nikon off-camera TTL chord mounted on a mono-pod, with a Stoffen diffuser on my SB-800 to capture these first few frames of Steve Gaudin.

Then Steve Z proposed some jumping, we scattered a few strobes and pocket wizards about and here is I came up with.

Air Z!

Here is a shot taken by Celin Serbo that shows me shooting and somewhat illustrates we concocted this crazy-alley-strobism. ~John

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John said...

Yeah, it is a bit of effort. Definitely takes some practice, but offers a lot of lighting variation, especially if you don't have an assistant or lightstand. I could see it being good for tight spaces when you can't move around, but would just assume hold the strobe in my hand for off-camera flash.